So what is the Fireflies Project?

Fireflies Project is the work of a collective which centres round former members of popular beat quintet The Fireflies who buzzed around the pubs and clubs and village halls of Northern Scotland during the mid 90s. When the band split Chris Henderson, Mark Aldridge and Nikki Henderson had a wee jam and played about with a few ideas. During this session, they put the finishing touches to Mark's "This Time Tomorrow". The finished track features the vocal talents of Sonya Bowie was recorded and produced by Chris. Chris is a multi instrumentalist singer songwriter who has a home studio which he manages to create high quality results (check out his Myspace site).

"This Time Tomorrow" features on the Ghosts In The North compilation album. Available now from Spook Records this critically acclaimed compilation album features the best of the North of Scotland's bands, acts and singer/songwriters. These 15 tracks have something for everyone from rock to funk, from ballads to folk pop. Superbly crafted songs from acts such as: A Silent Fire, Lyndsay Allison, Mind Gone Blind, Chris Henderson, The Stiff Woodies, Fluid BC, Ded Rabbit, Achenar, Symmetry Of One, BedHead, Julia's Shadow, Adam Richardson, The Gen, The Fireflies Project and The Phoenix Band. 60 mins of music for £8.

You can purchase the CD from Spook Music

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